Real Estate

Nearly 1 Million Square Feet of New Commercial Warehousing

Recent infrastructure developments have accelerated economic potential in Nogales, especially in terms of real estate assets. Since the Mariposa POE reconfiguration in 2009, nearly 1 million square feet of new commercial warehousing has developed to serve the manufacturing and produce industries.

Nogales historically has very low vacancy rates with warehouses, but there is increasing development in the buildable areas in the City and County. Land is held by a limited number of local owners, and is limited by topography.

County Parcel Searches

Industrial / Business Parks

Name Description Contact Phone
Nogales Property Management Dino Panousopoulos 520-281-4444
East Nogales Industrial Park
Freeport Industrial Park
La Loma Grande Industrial Park 215 acres, 30 buildings of 100,000 s.f. planned Nohe Garcia 520-619-1186
La Quinta Industrial Park
Nogales Industrial Park
Old Tucson Road Industrial Park
Produce Row Industrial Park
Rio Rico Industrial Park
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